Amd radeon hd 6800 bitcoin mining


GPU with better graphics capabilities than you can buy from a low-end Intel chip right now, the A10-6800K is a solid deal. Amd radeon hd 6800 bitcoin mining A10-6800K is a modest improvement over the AMD A10-5800K, with slightly higher performance and power efficiency.

How efficiently does the processor use electricity? Are you paying a premium for performance? If you care about peak CPU performance, a fast Intel dual-core or higher-end quad-core will deliver better overall performance than the AMD A10-6800K, even if the total cost is somewhat higher. The 32nm processors are available in 65W and 100W configurations and have a die size of 246mm2 with 1. 4GHz Turbo Mode and a GPU clocked at 844MHz. Benchmark Results: The ‘Richland’ A10-6800K saw a performance gain of 7. 48 shipped without messing with any rebates.

Benchmark Results: Hitman: Absolution is tough on discrete graphics cards, so we knew it would be tough on processor graphics. The AMD Trinity and Richland APUs have better graphics performance, but just half the physics performance. Each benchmark produces a score you can use to compare systems as well as detailed results from the individual workloads. The game has been built on Crystal Dynamics’s game engine called the “Crystal Engine” and the graphics look fantastic. Here you have a processor that can run games faster than Intel and it costs far less. Overall, that’s a small win for AMD as far as Richland’s total power efficiency is concerned. Typically, AMD and Intel are able to extract an additional speed grade or two at a given TDP as a process node matures and chip designs are tweaked for optimal results.

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