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Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. But I’ll explain it at the end of this post. In other words, you are the greatest company in the world in your specific niche. 50, how do you think: How much would one Nokia share be worth in 2010? Because they didn’t know what was coming. No one knows the future, so making a confident prediction of this kind is not that smart.

Well, making a prediction is smart, but a confident one – saying that you know X or Y for sure – doesn’t inspire common sense at all. 10 – because maybe a completely new and game-changing cryptocurrency takes the leading position. Its blockchain makes the one behind Bitcoin look outdated, while big institutions make the move to the new system. Bitcoin still costs a few dollars because some people are nostalgic and keep it. Maybe a new global currency is officially implemented by the UN or by a new global government. 1000 – Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency of choice, but loses dominance against Ethereum or some other coin.

It’s still in the top 10 or 20. 10,000 – Bitcoin is doing OK along with other blockchain-based ecosystems. 1000,000 – Bitcoin is the leading coin that is regarded as a safe-haven against vulnerable fiat money. Well, if Bitcoin can’t, then the US dollar can. How about this kind of money? According to renowned economist Marc Faber, hyperinflation in the U. Fox News in February 2007, he said a U.

Do you think insurance can be fixed with blockchain? But we’ve built something that works much better than insurance. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. GDP by 2025, what will each coin be worth? Is it worth it to just buy 1 Bitcoin in 2017? How much does 1 bitcoin cost to buy? Peter Smith, the CEO and cofounder of Blockchain.

Free bitcoins you can get here. Expats sending money home have found in bitcoin an inexpensive alternative, and we assume that the percentage of bitcoin-based remittances will sharply increase with greater bitcoin awareness,” the two said. Liew and Smith said increased political uncertainty in the UK, US, and developing nations would help elevate the level of interest in bitcoin. We believe bitcoin awareness, high liquidity, ease of transport, and continued market outperformance as geopolitical risks mount will make bitcoin a strong contender for investment at a consumer and investor level,” the two said. 10 years as the world becomes more connected through smartphones. This would make it possible for nearly everyone to have a bank in their pocket, and that should provide a boost for bitcoin as well. Network users will grow by a factor of 61 from now until 2030.

500k,” Liew and Smith told Business Insider. Bitcoin’s user network grew from 120,000 users in 2013 to 6. 5 million users in 2017, or by a factor of about 54, and this could be just the beginning. Growth of that magnitude would mean 400 million users in 2030.

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