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The chip promises to be the cutting edge technology that BW prides itself in producing. We will also be offering the 14nm chip in a miner for consumers. The power, efficiency and noise reduction benefits aims to introduce a new standard to the industry. More details about this new technology will be forthcoming the weeks ahead. BW was co-founded by LK Group Limited and CHBTC on Aug. Songxiu Hua, the founder of Bitbank, CHBTC. In 2015, BW joined the Bitbank family of Chinese Bitcoin companies with a focus on combining bitcoin mining resources in order to find greener and more efficient ways to mine.

The electricity required to run and cool mining equipment is costly, in terms of both economic and environmental resources. BW points out that mining anything — metals or bitcoin — has an environmental impact. Please complete the security check to access bitconnect. It is extremely similar to money printing except that this is legal.

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