Bitcoin mining cest quoi la farine t55


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We hope to see you as a part of our community soon! I’m not sure if this is true or not, but most bad news have at least a percentage of truth. How can so much energy be used to create a virtual currency when so many people in this world don’t have electricity to cover their basic needs, including functioning hospitals? Imagine a world where love is the way. Unbridled greed is fueling this mania.

Marginally agree but point out it is not the whole story. Its a new kind of currency, and its an experiment to see if there is a way to make currency better, more private and not government issued. It might be worth it, and remember that there is lots more energy available than anyone can use. The real issue with electricity is how its made, but it can come from sunlight, wind and water. I don’t understand how juggling numbers online could use so much electricity, or how adding a zero could significantly increase wattage.

Be strong” I whispered to my coffee. I too find it amazing that so much power is required to create a secure 256 bit hash code. The title on RT is a bit misleading more than 159 countries means that bitcoin mining uses more power than the topmost country on that list, not all those countries combined. I have read about it a while back and the details of it are fuzzy. However, as they find more bitcoins with their algorithms, finding the next one becomes progressively harder. I wonder when this bubble shall implode as the rest of the values of this world surely will.

It will end when computing power reaches a point where there is no need for this or some massive catastrophe strikes. It sure seems that we are in the time of the end that the Bible speaks of: unfortunately, how far God wants this world to descend into the cesspool nobody knows. I live in a large, developing country. A few months back I wanted to build up a computer but every single powerful GPU card was out of stock due to Bitcoin mining.

No shop could get any mid to high end GPU, and didn’t expect to get any more for a couple of months as they had sold so quickly manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the demand. When miners are emptying entire countries of important computer components, doesn’t surprise me that there is a fair bit of electricity being pumped through these. Wonder what these people would do if their bubble burst and their bitcoins lost all value? Things only have value if others value them. Else, it becomes of no monetary value with just personal interest alone. Doesn’t seem like “end times” to me.

I wonder how you would have viewed the industrial hell that killed even children during industrialization period or the world wars now those were end times to people living them. I’ve been wrong before, but I hope not. It is something every Christian would want, not the end, per say, but the kingdom, paradise, end of this wicked world. I believe the Kingdom of God is within us all, waiting for us to sound the trumpets and crash the walls so to speak. I believe that for a kingdom on Earth it is the job of all of us to work together for.

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