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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family bitcoin mining pool difficulty concentrating friends. Easily download and save what you find. 2012 and claim to have global headquarters in the UK.

I say claim because LEO’s supplied address, Howberry Manor is part of the Howberry Business Park. Howberry Business Park provide a list of businesses in the park, with LEO being noticeably absent. Given this, I’m putting a question mark as to whether or not LEO has any actual office space anywhere in the world. Listed as the Founder, CEO and President of LEO is a one Mr. In many ways Dan’s career has been a quest to find a platform to act as a catalyst for this vision of personal and professional development. Dan’s most relevant experience is probably when he was a training consultant, starting out of nowhere building a consultancy contributing to some of Europe’s most successful companies. Clients included Toyota, DHL, Phillips, Digital Equipment, some of the largest retailers in the UK, banks, professional service firms, and a whole cross section of modern and traditional business.

After being a successful consultant he found himself back in Direct Selling when a UK Telecoms company asked him to join them as European Sales Director. After that he joined one of the largest Chinese companies in the world and ended up as one of six Vice Presidents. Dan was responsible for the 24 countries in Europe, as well as Israel, Canada and USA. A virtual share offering was tied into the business, along with commission qualification based on how much an affiliate paid the company.

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