Fastest bitcoin mining rig for sale


The original claims fastest bitcoin mining rig for sale reported by the Gerlach Report are covered below. I say was, because apparently Chinese authorities have now been instructed to make sure the event does’t go ahead.

10,000 EUR tickets to the event for some time now. Prohibition of the event would also be somewhat ironic. Following a crackdown by Chinese authorities and fearing arrest, the event was cancelled and a new Macau event hastily put together to replace it. Now it seems even Macau is off-limits. Think you mean May 7th, not April 7th?

If, Ruja has to make A Statement in the Backoffice , and that must be pretty soooon. We would like to clarify that Onecoin is not money that can be used for payments under Thai law. The statement said no country in the world accepts or certifies Onecoin as legal tender that can be used as a medium for legal debt repayment. 7th is going forward as scheduled or not.

He’s probably on the run already. I know it’s China but how can the authorities just ban a conference for affiliates? Especially the ones that have already booked their tickets and accomodation. Good luck to them trying to get a refund. Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I took the money I scammed, uh earned, off of you and bought tickets to Macau. And now the event is cancelled so I have been scammed too.

So you know, you and I are in the same boat. Blame the Chinese, the haters, Bitcoin activists and all the stupid non-believers who are afraid of us and don’t understand that we are the Future of Payments. I don’t want her to freeze my account due to my negative attitude. Do you think you could forgive me? You still have two days to advance to the next rank. Thank you so much my upline leader!

So it may sound but the scenario cpuld even be the worst. I guess many affilates around the world havent got the faintest idea whats going on at the moment. They got no info from uplines and they dont hang around here or elsewhere. They just listen to the Ice Cold Goddess Ruja’s lies. Chinese authorities have now been instructed to make sure the event does’t go ahead.

Please extend us your kind understanding that we do not have the information at the moment. Kindly contact the organizer for the latest updated news of the event. I saw that one of the major scammers Igor E. They are touring 1 month in Asia to build the business to the next level. What I notice about the Gerlachreport articles is that they never mention a source for their information. Maybe it was even a plant by Onecoin to make Gerlachreport look silly. Personally I think the event will take place so hopefully arrests can be made.

But I am afraid this is wishful thinking. Some time ago I heard Ruja was in Dubai creating a new company and a new coin. If true, probably preparing a reboot of Onecoin. This came from a stockmarket guru, but upon inquiring where the source of this story was, nothing solid was provided. Just hearsay, so I declined from posting this. Just saying, be careful what information you put out there and don’t cheer too early! You’d want to hope not though, unreliable info is the fastest way to lose credibility in the publishing world.

By the way, isn’t this against Islamic law for her to be a goddess? OFC’s, and the only way to make money is to join wahlroos’ training, where he’ll teach you how to steal from new investors to make up for your own lost investment in onecoin. Kindly be informed that after contacting with related department, it still shows BOOKED on our schedule of 07 May. However, we are unable to provide any other information about whether it is still being held. Please contact the organizer for the latest updated news. Fernando Chui has still not gotten around to contacting studio city? BUT how does ruja KNOW for SURE that it’s wrong about china becoming proactive about the macau event?

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