How to use 65 nm asic bitcoin mining chip


Deep-Learning-Processor-List A list of ICs and IPs for AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Add three Chinese How to use 65 nm asic bitcoin mining chip startups working their own chip Unisound, AISpeech and Rokid . Add news, “Microsoft hiring engineers for cloud AI chip design” . Add the latest information of ARM’s “Project Trillium” and Imagination’s NNA.

Add news of Google TPU3 and Microsoft Brainwave. Add benchmark, MLPerf in Reference section. Add information from PEZY: First Use of TCI. Add two benchmarks, DAWNBench and Fathom in Reference section.

Add two optical AI computing company Lightelligence and Lightmatter . Add news from Alibaba and Facebook . Add Videantis in IP vendor section. Add Google announced the open beta of its TPU2.

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