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It was the country’s 125th anniversary and I was an MP. A crazed small-town radio DJ in my riding said he wanted to renew the national anthem with a pop version performed by celebs, plus a nice symphonic rendition, then send a copy to every school. So I went to my colleagues in the government to get some of the hundreds of millions flying around to celebrate the anniversary. Then I went to corporate sponsors on my own, outfits like Ford Canada and Coca-Cola. 1 million, gave it to the DJ and his pals, and they did the job.

And, yes, every school in Canada got a CD. In fact, Bachman played my Stratocaster on stage in front of 200,000 people that evening. Afterwards, in a smoky hotel suite, everyone took a gold pen and autographed the guitar. Canada’s a fine place to be, but it’s sure not perfect. My time in politics ended badly because I felt those we elect too soon forget why. Parties exist to chase power more than to improve things.

Leaders invariably turn into control freaks. The day I was told by the government that the national anthem was a divisive idea I went home, drank four scotches and decided to do it myself. With that bad attitude, I was destined to a problem. I can’t even be patriotic without pissing people off. Now, if you were the boss and could change something about this place, what would it be?

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