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Password must local bitcoin 8 character minimum, contain at least one number and at least one capital letter. Click below to buy or sell bitcoins now.

Are you looking to do a local bitcoin buy or sell today? Perhaps you want bitcoins today and don’t want to go through all the hassle of getting an account set up on an exchange. Or perhaps you want the added privacy that comes with doing a local bitcoin buy or sell in person. Or maybe you just like the idea that bitcoins are a decentralized currency, and believe trading them should also be decentralized. The easiest way I have found to do a local bitcoin buy or sell is through Local Bitcoins. The layout of Local Bitcoins is quite easy.

From the main page, you can simply type in your city, the amount you would like to purchase or sell, and the payment method you prefer. There are a number of different ways to do a local bitcoin buy or sell through Local Bitcoins. You can shop through these pages for the best prices or the best reviews, or people who are selling or buying in the most preferred way for you. There are many different kinds of payment options, and you can choose the seller or buyer who has the option most useful for you. Cash deposits at banks: You walk into a local bank branch and deposit cash into the seller’s account. Buy or sell bitcoins your way. Western Union: Often, the nearest location to you is a local Western Union Branch.

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